Last updated 12.03.2023 11:53:37

Rules of 4freunde

If you find inappropriate content that does not comply with the rules, please use the report function. All incoming report messages are processed within 36 hours (usually faster).

NSFW content has to be tagged with "unsafe", whoever tags NSFW content "safe" risks timeban or permanent ban in the event of permanent violation against this rule.

This applies to ALL content that is not absolutely safe.

If content has an OnlyFans watermark, it is UNSAFE.

Do NOT post unsafe comments under safe content.

If you wouldn't watch it in front of your boss, mother etc. (use common sense) it is UNSAFE !

To view NSFW content please upgrade to PREMIUM

Uploading undressed people under the age of 18 (minors) is absolutely prohibited.
There is ZERO tolerance for underage/cp content, real, implied, comic, manga, etc. Posting this will result in a permanent BAN.

Gore content is to be tagged with "gore" in addition to the unsafe tag.

To view NSFW content please upgrade to PREMIUM

Niche XXX content is to be tagged with "fetish" in addition to the unsafe tag.

To view NSFW content please upgrade to PREMIUM

Please put pictures of one topic or series in a gallery and then link it under the first picture.

One account per person. If we catch you creating more than one account we will ban all of them.

No trash posts (Facebook etc.) - if your account is mostly such content it will be banned.

Do NOT impersonate / imitate other users. If you do you will be banned. Have your own personality!

Be aware regarding Rule #1

We make use of a CSAM Scanning Tool

The Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) Scanning Tool allows us to proactively identify and take action on CSAM located on our website.

This service will alert us and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) of content that match known CSAM hashes.

We are a platform that values Freedom of speech and the right to freedom of expression which applies to ideas of all kinds including those that may be deeply offensive to some.

Use your common sense before and while uploading.

Regarding the registration on this site:

Please do not use throw-away emails when registering, as we can already see that certain providers cause problems with email delivery.

We will never spam you or sell your data.

If you have been banned, you respect that ban and don't try to create new accounts to keep posting.

We have good mechanisms in place to detect that and you will just be banned again in a matter of minutes anyways.

Be aware that we will classify this as spamming and harassment and if you keep making new accounts we will absolutely take the necessary steps to find you some much needed help in dealing with your obsessions.

Law Enforcement:

Contact us via our HelpDesk and make sure to choose "Law Enforcement Inquiry" as Help Topic.

We do comply with legally formed requests from law enforcement, however please be aware to send the request from your department internet connection, include all your contact details that can be verified using public sources and if you request any user identifying data, you will need to supply us with a warrant signed by a judge. Be professional and polite if you expect the same from us.