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Premium Membership

You can remove the limitations of the Free user account by becoming a Premium Member!

It only costs 10 EUR per month or discounted 100 EUR per year (= 8.35 EUR per month)

The perks of Premium Membership are:

Choose your Nick-Color and get a Premium Member Banner!

Change your own Nickname Premium: Once every 30 days (Free Limitation: once every 180 days)

Usage of the Filter-System: View and/or filter all content (Free Limitation: SFW content only)

Global Tag editing (Free Limitation: Can only edit own tags)

Unlimited Uploads (Free Limitation: 5 Images / 1 Videos per day)

Unlimited Comments (Free Limitation: 10 Comments per day)

URL-Upload (Free Limitation: No URL Upload)

Multi-Upload (Free Limitation: No Multi Upload)

PayPal Subscription:

Yearly Subscription (100 EUR)

Monthly Subscription (10 EUR)

Stripe (Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and SEPA debit)

Yearly Subscription (100 EUR)

Quarterly Subscription (27.50 EUR)

Monthly Subscription (10 EUR)


You determine how much and how often you send money via LiberaPay, please keep in mind the Premium Prices above!

Payments to 4Freunde can be paid using: a credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
a Euro bank account (SEPA Direct Debit), or a PayPal account.


Donate using Liberapay

If you prefer anonymity please choose Secret donation with LiberaPay or send Tips via Brave Browser

Tip with Brave Browser


If you choose Secret donation or tip via Brave Browser we won't see your details!
Only that X amount was paid, so YOU need to make contact and say that you have paid via Brave or LiberaPay and include a screenshot!

Tools: ShareX | LightShot


YOU need to make contact and say that you have paid



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Can't afford or don't want Premium for some reason but still want to be part of this community and post/enjoy the content that you can't without Premium?

Join our 4Freunde SubReddit and post there