Last updated 22.08.2021 09:14:45

I don't see any images/thumbnails!

Your Browser or some Plugin is blocking the Referrer header, enable it to see the content, otherwise our CDN thinks it's a hotlinked image.

The Server-time is wrong!

No, it is not. The TimeZone is Zulu-Time. The letter "Z" ("Zulu") indicates Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

The content all looks so safe? Why am I not seeing XYZ?

We recommend that you look at and understand our Filters on the top right.
If you want to give feedback or want to discuss something, use our Forums
Alternatively you can join and use our Community-Discord  Server!

Regarding E-mails:

- Please don't use trash-emails, they often bounce and you've just wasted your chosen Username.
We don't spam you or sell any of our user's data.

Are there Keyboard Shortcuts?

Yes. They might still be changed so pay attention.

I've uploaded something but it doesn't appear on the main-page...

From upload to appearing on the main-page it can take a little time because content has to be processed and depending how large your upload was it sometimes takes a little longer until it shows up. Have a little patience.

Someone stole my nick!

Nicknames are first-come, first-serve. Sorry pal.


Get used to the tagging system. We need to use tags to distinguish between #safe and #unsafe content and some other specific categories. So use the proper tag when uploading and if you want extra points, add some content-specific tags for better interaction and people finding your content. Tags are fun, Tags are king. Use them properly!